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tv   KTVU News at 7pm  FOX  July 12, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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struck out a batter and he will take over here in the eighth inning with conger, cowgill, and calhoun, eight, nine, and one hitters for the angels who lead it by three. 5-2 game, game three of a four-game set. angels with heavy pressure on the a's on top in the a.l. west. >> harold: yeah, done a nice job hanging around. you know, we talked basically a's all first half. and if you look at the standings, the angels have hung. >> joe: there's a strike. mid 90s fastball from matt west. >> harold: when they go on what they win on, still only two and a half back, you got to feel good if you're the angels. >> tom: absolutely. >> joe: there's one down the left field line. that ball's getting into the corner off the bat of conger and the angels' catcher's got a stand-up double to start the eighth. his second double of the night.
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>> harold: the first double he hit down the line, that carlos pena dove for down the first base line, this one he takes the other way, down the corner in left. covering the whole diamond tonight. >> tom: bottom four hitters have been on base ten times in this game for the angels. that's what i meant about the depth. obviously trout, pujols, hamilton, that gets your attention. but man, they don't need to turn it over to hurt you. >> joe: batter now is cowgill. when we talked about ron washington, the manager of the rangers who got to the world series in 2010, 2011, and asked him to size up the american league west and what he liked about the top three teams -- here's a bunt that may have come back and hit cowgill in the face. and it did. oh, wow. wow.
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>> harold: one of those heat seekers. i don't know if he fouled that off or not. >> joe: applying pressure on that wound as that looked like skin on the nose just opened up. >> harold: that was ugly. >> joe: you could hear the home plate umpire say first base, so they're saying the ball did not hit the bat. >> harold: now he's saying it went off the bat. that's a tough one to argue if you're the opposing manager. >> joe: sounded like he said first base. but then i heard that too. >> harold: yeah. >> joe: that's just hard to watch. and just pouring out.
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so cowgirl, they've called it strike one. so that hit off the bat, according to the home plate umpire. and then hit cowgill in the nose. mike scioscia's got to come up with a hitter. >> harold: yeah, i think whether it's a runner on first base or if he's going to have to bunt, with the strike, that's going to determine maybe who he puts in the game right now. >> joe: scioscia's saying it didn't hit the bat, that conger should be at third. but it doesn't appear that's going to stand. >> harold: how can conger, he can't go anywhere, it's off the bat and foul, or it's off the bat and it's dead. right? >> joe: yeah, you're right. conger standing over at third base, now getting instruction from his third base coach, gary
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disarcina, go back to second base. we will get efren navarro. take another look. first of all, it was hard to watch the replay. secondly, just impossible to determine, looking at it, whether that caught the bat or not. >> harold: yeah. i mean, he did everything right too. he didn't turn all the way around. he pivoted. he was in a good position to get out of the way of the ball. the ball just chased him. >> joe: so navarro takes over the at-bat in an 0-1 count. now he gingerly turns around to bunt. >> harold: yeah, they want to get this guy to third base. usually plays to a grand slam, doesn't beat you, get the fourth run. so if he's going to have cowgirl
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bunt, he's going to find a guy who can bunt. that's why it took a little bit of a decision as to who he's going to bring in. >> joe: here's the next. bunt in the air, it will drop untouched behind the plate. strike two. little breeze through the ballpark right now on a 97-degree night. that's where we started. conger with his second straight double on base for the third time tonight. wind blowing in from right. and efren navarro will wait for a 1-2 pitch from matt west. in and out of the glove of chirinos and the at-bat continues. >> harold: tell you what, cowgi cowgill's out for a period of
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time, that's a big loss. he's been a vital weapon for them, some left, some right, a match-up against left-handed pitchers. particularly in the division they're in, the left-handers you're going to have to face. that's sad. >> tom: for a while there, looked like they had a really good platoon with calhoun. but calhoun is showing he can hit left-handers, more of an everyday player. >> joe: that's up and away from the hard-throwing west. >> harold: tell you what, we always talk about the hitter being shaken up, because you see the blood dripping and the injury, but it affects the pitcher too when that happens. >> joe: he's 2-2 on efren navarro. conger at second with nobody out here in the top of the eighth. up and away, a full count now. game started with mikolas on the mound. he went 5 2/3 and then frasor,
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mendez, west. both bull pens are quiet at the moment the way jered weaver reacted after getting out of that one on, one out situation in the bottom of the seventh inning, looks like he may go back out there. that's ball four to navarro and will put runners on at first and second with nobody out. >> tom: just can't get the ball down. seen plenty of velocity, but throughout this sequence, the ball just getting up on him. >> harold: i think this is a good time-out. he's clearly shaken. i know they might be talking about how they're going to defend this at first and second, no outs, will they bunt, will they bring the infielders in. but he needs a breather too. they've given you an out, throw a strike. >> joe: pitcher matt west is from the houston area. drafted in 2007 out of high school as an outfielder.
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didn't hit enough, so they converted him into a pitcher in 2011. underwent tommy johns surgery in 2012 and here he is in the big leagues two years later. calhoun fouls the first pitch back, strike one. >> harold: didn't they do a similar thing with martinez? he was an infielder, and then they made him a pitcher. we saw him pitch in detroit. am i saying it right? >> tom: nick martinez? >> harold: yeah, same thing. i guess they find an arm and convert it. >> joe: there he is from houston, texas, 25 years old, and in a jam here in the eighth. here comes the 0-1. ball and a strike. rangers have gotten to the point
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where they've had two different position players have to pitch an inning on the mound to mop up. their pitching has just been ravaged by injuries. as this drops in for a strike, strike two. good pitch from matt west. >> tom: managers used to hate that too. that was a sign of surrender, when you put a position player on the mound, you used to be embarrassed by it, but it's become a lot more common. i think it's 16 times this year, teams have had to run a position player out there on the mound. >> harold: i hate it. bobby cox refused to do it. he felt it was degrading the game of baseball to put a position player on the mound. >> joe: that is just inside. and the count 2-2. calhoun sits in a great position. you see all the fastballs he
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gets? and then you got albert and josh. you think they're worried about this guy. they'll make him swing it. he's getting a fastball. >> joe: 2-2 pitch is fouled off the glove of chirinos. calhoun had a broken hammet bone in his hand and it changed the way he approached at-bats. his hitting style from his hands up high to a little bit lower. and he has done nothing but hit since the end of may. has not picked up a hit here tonight. flied to center, struck out, and grounded out and walked. here's the 2-2. might be two. andrus started it, and they got them both, 6-4-3, nicely turned with odor in the middle, two outs. >> harold: it was a great call, joe, you saw that.
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that was a tough hop by elvis. this shows the arm strength of this young man. calhoun can get down the line. ooh, a snow cone. you see that. >> joe: almost popped out, but it's the second double play turned tonight by the rangers defensively. >> tom: there's so much traffic around second base. the angels have had so many runners out there. you can see all the divots from the strikes and that baseball caught one of them. >> joe: so now trout -- >> harold: it's been busy. >> joe: half of it's disappearing. there's a strike. trout 1 for 4 tonight. and hitting .309. started the night eighth in the league, fourth with two home runs and fifth with 69 rbis.
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one ball, one strike. this guy doesn't make you feel real comfortable. >> harold: no, look at that ball run back in on the right-hander. and i don't know if he'll have the confidence to come back in himself after hitting a guy, and then you go in like that. >> joe: west trying to get around a leadoff double, followed by a walk. and now two strikes on trout. >> harold: his target was in, and he missed that target by a foot. >> joe: 1-2 the count on trout. morin is up in the bull pen for the angels. now the check swing didn't go
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and even trout is charged up. >> tom: saw that from miguel cabrera. miggy loves to do that too. i didn't swing! i swear! ask the first base umpire! gets the call. >> joe: that's quint sagan who will work the plate tomorrow in the finale, a day game before the all-star break. >> harold: that's some quick thinking. checkpoint. >> joe: everything about trout has been quick. his rise to the big leagues, establishing himself as one of the best in the game, as he strikes out looking on a pitch over the outside corner, didn't like the call. 1 for 5 night for trout and west gets around a double and a walk in the eighth. morin is coming in. weaver's night is finished. he's looking for his tenth win. it's up to the angels' bull pen now as l.a. leads it by three.
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>> joe: tonight's game on fox is sponsored by the makers of one a day men's, the official vitamin maker of mlb. and by chevrolet. find new roads. new pitcher for the angels as they lead it by three, bottom of the eighth inning. efren navarro stays in the game at left after taking over in the at-bat for cowgill. and here's mike morin, who is in his 32nd game. >> harold: i think this is the biggest change in the angels' roster. you talked about the offense a lot tonight, tom. their bull pen was a mess, and they're done a nice job fixing that. >> tom: no question. i think mike scioscia said it best, he's happy with the team he has. >> joe: but they still have to look to try to improve, whether it's somebody else to anchor that bull pen as a closer, or
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another starting pitcher. because you look at the makeup of the angels and the investment they have in this team. they're good enough with the right addition, to win the whole thing. >> tom: i'd say another starting pitcher. ideally, a second lefty in the bull pen. >> joe: beltre, 0-2. >> tom: they seem to be happy with joe smith as the closer. not your prototypical wipeout closer stuff. >> harold: i'm kind of with joe on this, though. i know joe smith, but when you get to october, that power plays. and they don't have that guy down there saying forget it. if he was a year or so before the injury, yeah, but he's not that guy right now. >> joe: there's one of the guys they've added to remake this bull pen, the left-hander, joe thatcher that they got from arizona. 1-2 pitch to beltre, jammed a
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bit, to left, easy play for out number one, hauled in by navarro. beltre is over three on the night with a walk. ken rosenthal is downstairs. what does your gut tell you with regard to what the angels might add, if anything before this deadline? >> ken: they are still looking for bull pen help. they could add a closer, huston street of the padres. they could put joe smith back into a set-up role and their bull pen would be that much stronger with the additions of thatcher and grilli. and the other thing would be a top of the rotation starter. moreno loves big splashes. i'm certain he'd love to get david price, but they'd have to break up their major league to do that. >> joe: 2-0 the count from morin on leonys martin.
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>> harold: brings up an interesting point. to break up the major league club, because they have some guys that are coming on, some pieces you like, but, i don't know. >> joe: 2-0 the count with one out, nobody on. that's a strike over the outside corner. price is obviously the big one out there, if he is indeed moved, as we started play today, tampa bay is 10 1/2 out in the a.l. east. albeit, a watered down east, about you they just don't have enough. you would have to believe here in 2014, to make that kind of a climb with the offense that they have. >> harold: they have three windows. this trade deadline, they've got the winter, and they've got next year's trade deadline. i mean, they do have the rights to david price for a full season next year. >> tom: and boston too, they have to be in sell mode. >> joe: reaching out for it, getting it off the end of the bat, late break, but there with plenty of time is kole calhoun. let's go to kevin for a quick
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game break. >> mr. mvp, mccutchen, pirates down. boom, number 16 of the year, we're tied. by the way, aroldis chapman unavailable. joe? >> joe: so good game in cincinnati. and mccutchen has made it a 5-5 game. >> harold: i just saw that same swing with the ken griffey jr show. mccutchen was his guy. what are you looking for? boom! same thing last year, took him deep on a ball away. almost like watching a rerun. >> joe: pitch down and in to smolinski. >> harold: that was mccutchen's 12th home run since june 1st. he's having a better year than he did last year. >> joe: when he won mvp and part of that great young outfield that the pirates have for not just now, but seemingly for a long time to come, polanco and marte. >> harold: oh, man, they're fun
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to watch. look out for the bucs. the central and national league is going to be a fun one to watch. moli molina's injury, that changes that division, big time. look at that. bunched up already. the pirates have come back in the fold. they're in this thing. >> joe: here's a 2-0. m smolinski went around. >> harold: have you seen the pirates and polanco. >> joe: i've seen polanco. he's impressive. >> tom: they've been a different team since they called him up. mccutchen saw nothing the first two months of the season. got a few more pitches to hit. >> harold: it's forced marte to come to the padres, so to speak. >> joe: here's the 2-1 pitch, in the air to right, going to his left is calhoun, plenty of room, and three fly ball outs to end the eighth.
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>> joe: fox sports supports is proud to collaborate with stand up to cancer, a ground-breaking initiative to slert cancer research to gets new therapy to patients quickly in order to save lives now. for more information visit fox sports here's joakim soria, taking over 32nd game of the year. obviously no save situation, with his team down by three, but maybe an opportunity to show the angels something. soria with his 16 saves.
7:25 pm
deals with albert pujols. >> harold: show case -- >> joe: not had a lot of work recently as he misses outside. 3-2. >> harold: tough to be a closer when you're 3-20, last 23. >> joe: that's where they are. and on the other side, you have the angels on their way to -- unless a comeback occurs, as pujols flies one into right. one out. angels are three defensive outs away from their 18th win over their last 22 games. one last chance on a saturday night for the fans to boo josh hamilton. >> harold: you know, i have a hard time with that still. i mean, i get it, he left, he went to the angels and he said, hey, this is more of a football
7:26 pm
town. but for what he did here for this franchise, to lift them -- nobody's talking about the rangers. >> joe: down and in, ball one. it just was so unnecessary to say that on his way out the door, this isn't really a baseball town. look around here, this was another big crowd here tonight for a team that's lost 20 out of 23. 37,000 people in this park tonight. there are a lot of places that would qualify as not a baseball town, and this isn't one of them. >> harold: no, you're right. he did bring some flame on himself. >> joe: just really not well thought out. >> tom: yeah, the irony is, he helped make this a great baseball town. i'm sure he saw the growth in his time here. you think about how the narrative might have been different, the home run he hit in the world series. it looked like that was the cinderella story. >> joe: yeah.
7:27 pm
>> tom: to put these rangers ahead. >> joe: that's the part of that world series game six that people don't remember. soria makes the play, two outs. the cardinals tied it in the ninth inning, two outs, two strikes, on a two-run triple by david freese. but in the next half inning, josh hamilton hit a home run right here. >> deep shot into right, back at the track, at the wall, hamilton has gone deep, and it's 9-7, texas, here in the tenth. >> joe: however, the cardinals chipped away, got two runs to tie it and won it in the 11th. >> harold: still hard to believe they won that game. >> joe: impossible to watch it, even having been the guy sitting there. line drive caught by andrus to rob aybar and a 1-2-3 ninth inning for soria. but now hamilton plays for the angels, the red hot angels. ready to go to the bottom of the
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>> joe: time for the king player of the day, brought to you by burger king. and it's the starter on the angels, certainly he and joe smith hope will be the winner here tonight. the line for jered weaver, in line for his tenth win of the seas season. he pitched really well on a hot night in arlington. >> harold: he really did. the key for me watching him pitch -- we got a great shot of the moon right there. jered is over the moon, is that the lead? >> joe: definitely. >> harold: his movement was incredible. and the ball did not look that big to the ranger hitters. >> joe: well, here's joe smith, who knew coming into the year that a guy who picked up his first three big league saves last year with cleveland would evolve into the closer and pitch behind


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